Learn Marine Navigation – Courses for Women Coming Soon!

It’s good seamanship!

The third annual Women Who Sail Australia sailing conference, The Gathering on the Bay,
was held in Port Stephens in April. Usually a weekend event, this year an extra day of workshops
was added, including marine navigation.

It was a great class! Gave me the answers I needed very simply.” Claire Rowlands, attendee.

“Great stuff, we are proud to support such a worthwhile event.” Down Under Rally.

SisterShip Magazine Navigation

Down Under Rally and Yoga4Yachties partnered with Jackie Parry, co-editor of SisterShip Magazine, to pull-together a Marine Navigation Workshop for women attending The Gathering.

Over forty women signed up for the workshop and expressed words of appreciation when brand new charts, courtesy of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), were handed out for the navigation session.

“It was a tricky event to prepare for,” explains Jackie, “As each woman had different levels of navigation experience, and we all learn a little bit differently.”  Given the number of participants, Jackie’s husband Noel Parry – a Marine Surveyor (and also a maritime-navigation teacher) was on hand to assist. Jackie wrote and handed out a 30-page booklet with step-by-step instructions and photos, “It meant we could work through the book without worrying where we were going to stop. The women can easily continue the short course at home and contact me any time for help.”

SisterShip Magazine NavigationJackie is a marine navigation advocate, “I am extremely passionate about mariners utilising paper charts as their regular navigation routine. The reliance on electronic charts has been proven to be disastrous, just look at the boats running aground! Many people on forums extoll the virtues of only using electronic charts, I’ve even been told that ‘paper charts are an antiquated way to navigate!’” Jackie goes on to say, “The perception held that electronic charts, by themselves, are enough is unsafe.” She says, “They are only an aid to navigation – a good one, but it must be reinforced with paper charts!”

Marine Navigation - a running fix
A Running Fix

“I am really proud that so many women at The Gathering were so keen. In a short hour-and-a-half we went from, ‘What’s on the chart and basic plotting,’ to the beginning of ‘set and drift vectors!’ Now that’s impressive!”

Marine Navigation - set and drift

Jackie has plans to lead a campaign to bring back “proper” navigation skills and has some exciting plans to harness the power of SisterShip MagazineLearn Marine Navigation website and her skills as a Maritime Teacher, Author, and Speaker, to teach mariners chart work.

“It’s not only safer, it’s also fun, and extremely gratifying to use century old skills to find out where you are and get out of trouble.”

Watch this space!

Jackie and her husband, Noel, have sailed around the world one-and-a-half times, traversed many inland waterway systems. They’ve worked on different boats around the globe and have been instructors of professional level courses. Jackie has written several marine-related books and is co-editor of SisterShip Magazine. She says, “Questions are the backbone of good seamanship” and, “Be an encourager there are far too many critics in the world already.”

Feedback after the course:

“Woohoo! All my plotting predictions have married well with the actuals on our passage today. I told DH would be at Barrenjoey at around 1.45 and we’re not far off it now at 1.11. I love it when I learn new things! Thanks again Jackie.”

“Thanks for the workshop Jackie you made it seem doable. A couple of years ago I studied for my Day Skipper but have not practiced since and the levels of complexity has put me off but back to basics is what I needed.”

“I also really enjoyed the navigation. I will be learning more after you whetting my appetite for it.”

“Thanks Jackie! We’ve just left Port Stephens and making our way to Pittwater and I told my husband I should practice my new skills on this leg. I very much enjoyed and appreciated your session.”

“Going to practice on the boat in Greece this summer! Thanks Jackie. It was great.”

“Going to practice next week!”


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