WELCOME to Women Who Sail Australia.

Women Who Sail was founded Dec 13, 2011. Soon after (January 2014) Shelley Wright founded Women Who Sail Australia – a place for women who love boats, travelling, and support. A place to connect, share, and have fun.

Some of us live on boats and some of us want to. Some of us know a great deal about boats, some-not much at all.
We are single; we are married; we have kids; we are retired.

Our FB page is private and can not be published elsewhere (and is for women only). This website is public and for everyone.

WWSA founder, Shelley Wright is Co-Editor of SisterShip Magazine – the World’s First Boating Magazine for Women
Written by women for women, SisterShip is an international magazine with the ethos (which is similar for WWSA):
  • Belong: Share passions with like-minded people;
  • Encourage: Support women, assist, advise, share, trust;
  • Inspire: Creating ideas, thoughts, hopes, dreams;
  • Inform: Promote safety, topical, newsy, fresh, detail; and
  • Entertain: Be exciting, new, fun, rich, safe, honest, reliable.